Inflatable emergency board for monitoring the bottom of the area or in a calm environment

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 MAHI RECUE SUP BOARD  – dim  335x84x15 – weight 11 kg  VOLUME  270 L – folded  90x45x30

Inflatable swim board Dropstitch technology double skin construction with a honeycomb structure obtained by sewing the top and bottom of the board with hundreds of threads. This technique guarantees great resistance, exceptional rigidity


because  MAHI RECUE SUP BOARD  TIKI FACTORY is original (model deposited at the inpi), specially made with rescue professionals to obtain a light board,  fast, reliable and perfectly ergonomic. The quality of the handles, their positioning and the materials increase the ease of use by the rescuers. The rocker and the front design of the hull have been established to pass the waves while minimizing the catch in the wind.  

For its water level prevention program which allows rescuers to detect people in difficulty upstream by having a high position on the water. Flipping the board to hoist a victim is possible as on a RESCUE 320. The lifespan compared to an epoxy board, high resistance to abrasion by sand and pebbles, easy maintenance and storage, inflation in 8 minutes. It can be embarked on a boat, car or truck without space constraints because it fits in a backpack. Inflation in 1 minute is possible with the 2 liter bottle kit (230 bar)

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Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 90 × 45 × 30 cm

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