Platform allowing the practice of yoga and fitness, in a natural environment or in a swimming pool.



PLATEFORME fitness 230x78x12 cm : 9 kg .
Manufacture in double-skin MSL dropstitch technology.
Plateforme équipée d’anneaux permettant de fixer plusieurs plateformes entres elles par les côtés et de les arrimer au fond avec des corps morts pour varier les configurations . Ses anneaux permettent également de l’attacher entre 2 lignes d’eau .

WHY CHOOSE AN INFLATABLE PLATFORM: For the safety of users and third parties, because inflatable platforms are less fragile and can be transported easily. Because the program of use will be wide: muscle awakening pontoon, yoga, water games platform.
To satisfy boat owners who want an accessible bathing beach, for schools and professionals who want a quick and temporary implementation.