RESCUE SLEDGE 260 : Dim 265x115x10 – Poids 17 kg – Plié 92x30x30
Inflatable swim board Dropstitch technology double skin construction with a honeycomb structure obtained by sewing the top and bottom of the board with hundreds of threads. This technique guarantees great resistance, exceptional rigidity



This technique guarantees great resistance, exceptional rigidity allowing this board to be used both seated, kneeling or standing. For the belt, the technology used is the welding of a thick film of woven tarpaulin to form a decreasing round sausage inflated at low pressure (4 psi), fitted with an overpressure valve and a wide rubber band around it. the board and protective in case of impact
It is equipped for more comfort and safety with 11 carrying and holding handles, a bungee cord to hold objects. We can embark this board on a helicopter, boat, car or truck without space constraints. Inflates in 3 minutes.
Because the SLEDGE 260 is original, specially made with rescue professionals to obtain a light, reliable and quickly deployable intervention board in the event of flooding, rescue in white water or at sea. It is equipped with rings towing at the front and can be used in medical convoy thanks to its rear rings, the rear cutout and the hull rocker have been established to pass the waves in white water and preserve the victims.