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ABS coil with blocked stainless steel tube.
Floating rope Yellow diam.6
Equipped with a bolinche with a carabiner on stainless steel ring Red safety harness.
Dim : 36 x 36 x 60 -
Weight: 100m – 3.6 Kg
200m – 4.2 Kg 400m – 4.8 Kg



The Lifeline with a length of 100 meters, 200 meters or 400 meters is used in a rescue station for the recovery of a person by a rescue swimmer. This one attached to the rope, swims towards the victim and recovers it. The rope of the lifeline attached to the rescuer unwinds. Once the victim has been recovered, the team of rescuers, remaining on the beach, can rewind the line and thus bring the rescuer and the victim back.

It is the essential tool for rescuers working on dangerous coasts.
Indeed, most of the time, on these coasts, the waves and especially the currents, do not allow the rescuers to bring the victims back to the edge of the beach by their own means,
even with flippers. In these cases, the rope is used.

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